Sarada Lee

Co-Founder and Principal Data Scientist at Perth Machine Learning Group

Sarada Lee is a researcher and advisor to business in the field of
Artificial Intelligence (AI). She seeks to actively contribute her
broad knowledge of finance, corporate governance and AI to support
businesses in applying AI sustainably and responsibly.

She is a qualified accountant, specialised in Treasury and a graduated
member of Australian Institute of Company Directors. Sarada also is a
published AI researcher with a focus on medical diagnostics. She has
ongoing collaboration with Telethon Kids institute and multiple

From a community perspective, Sarada co-founded Perth Machine Learning
Group (PMLG) in 2017. Currently, the group has over 2,800 members
from industry, academia, government and the community. Sarada is a
recipient of Women in Tech WA Tech [+] 20 Award in 2019.


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